Monday, 13 August 2007

willowz i wonder

Watch the video and compare what you see with clean environment. And my question is which environment do you like to live?

The Willowz, Jubilee

I loved this jubilee song

Sunday, 5 August 2007


There lived a man named Okofoboti who lived under a big tree called Bodom. The man was a hunter. One day he met another hunter by name Dwenti who was hunting for animals and big birds in his hunting area. So after having a chat with this man they became friends . This man decided to join his new friend Okofoboti in his hunting place so that both of them will lived together. Okofoboti showed his friend some of the things that will help him to live happily when he is not around. So he first shown him the water sources. He started with the nearest one called Abutia, then Tweapa, followed by Abenaa Asu. With good friendship, Dwenti brought some of his family members to his new home.
Some years passed by and the number of people in the then cottage grew. So anyone who visited this small village says; he or she is going to under a Bodom tree. Later this small village became known as Bodomasi which means"The village/town established under Bodom tree". One day Dwenti, the hunter who was spiritually inclined was going to his home town called Kumawu and on his way, he met Owuo( the death) on a mountain called Dweasaso who was coming to Bodomasi to kill some of the people. So Dwenti, the spiritual man and a hunter decided not to allow Owuo to go there for his mission and it resulted in a fierce fight. During the fight every living thing they touched like trees of all kinds fell or bent down, grasses and small plants died leaving a bare land and remained bare for centuries.
Dwenti took some items that help Owuo to exercise his duty from him, the items included a drum , drum sticks and a Para queen. the drum when beat, people start dying then Owuo put the dead in his para queen to his destination. After Dwenti seized these items, Owuo also decided not to take people from this town, because the hunter has made his work difficult.
For three years, the old, young and infants did not die and the pregnant women could not give birth also. During these years, people in the town suffered alot, so they pleaded to Dwenti , the spiritual man and a hunter to return the items to Owuo so that the old and the weak can die and the women in labour and the pregnant ones can give birth as well. (Story continues)